Destination wedding cinematography and film


#Bundle Package

Our bestseller offer is the ‘combi/bundle package’. It includes all our 3 services, photo, film/cinematography and selfiebox.
See what elements are included for each services:

Bundle-video service

Bundle package includes the 'highlight package' but it can be upgraded to different cinema/film package.

Bundle-photography service

Dedicated photography for the same availability as the cinematography. All best photos are delivered

Bundle-selfiebox service

All inclusive photo-,selfiebox service with props, funny accessories, personal assistance, technical support, personalised design and unlimited printing.


Solo video package - Highlights package

Short summary with the best shots of the day, typically with one audio track/song that can be selected by the Couple. Choose this if you enjoy short videos mostly with chronologic editing concept.

Solo video package - ShortWayFilm package

Longer, storytelling main wedding film with more dramatic impact, creative time-, storyline using more audio/music tracks. It might include editing of the music(s) too, that can help emphatise certain parts of the wedding day and wedding shortfilm, such as emotional or joyful parts. Choose this if you enjoy watching more details and prefer unorthodox editing solutions. 

Solo video package - highWayFilm Exclusive package

The wedding studio offers its highest, exclusive package. The main film includes a trailer-like intro, longer atmospheric shots (cinematically introducing your destination location and/or special wedding venue) more musics combined and even love-story footages can be included. Lovestory shots can be made on extra days and its based on your hobbies, activities and the story how you find your Love. 

Wedding couple with joyful guests at wedding | Mywayphoto

Solo photography package

Our wedding studio provides you with 1 or 2 professional photographer(s) with high-end lens lineup, precision, kindness and lots of smiles. The wedding photographer takes unlimited number of raw shots throughout the wedding day and support you to keep you in the best mood even in the stressy moments.

Wedding photography


Wedding cinematography and photography are delivered whereever you are.

Just examples where MyWayFilm Studios traveled to and performed wedding cinematography so far. The ‘know-how’ at destination weddings is key for smooth performance. Just name your (destination) location, the rest is settled.

We have visited so far:

... what is your destination?

Wedding selfie-box

The wedding studio provides you with complimentary all-inclusive Selfie-box service with high-, factory standards, elegant look, and stable technical background.


Personalised Wedding Style

Choose your desired wedding film in our WEDDING STYLE SELECTOR.

10+ Years of Experience

Started in 2011, having more than 200 weddings, several overseas epxerience. There is no impossible mission in our philosophy. If there is something we have not done yet, challenges just boost our creativity and enthusiasm even more.

Friendly Support

From the very beginning contacting, you have to feel the friendly and patient, enduring care that lasts till the last mail. Positive vibe is basic part of our offer. Request your personal support now.

CLIENT FEEDBACKS on our wedding videos

MyWayFilm international wedding cinematography Shloss Obermayerhofen

Hochzeitsfilm im Schloss Obermayerhofen

“Thank you so much for this AMAZING FILM!!! We love the composition, the cuts, the quality of the pictures, the way the camera moves so dynamically, how the music fits perfectly to each scenen, basically everything!!! We are very happy and cannot thank you enough!!!” “All i can say is WOW! I have watched it (even the older one) i think 20-30 times. It is just incredible!! Really, we love it!!!!!My parents cried and loved it also. Everyone is really impressed, thank you for that.”

Watch the video > > >

“Again Balint, it was a pleasure working with you, all of you and it really made our day that much more special. You are all extremely talented!” “It’s great! I really admire your work. You have everyone in joyful tears… I can NOT STOP watching it!!! It is soooooo amazing, seriously I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish we would have had a longer version now  although it’s so magical how it is. Everyone is talking about it.”


Wedding film, international wedding cinematography

Wedding film in New York City

“Wow man!  Incredible film!  That is really special.  Thank you for working on it so hard! You belong in Hollywood!”

Watch the video > > >

“I had trouble watching the video the first time, because I was crying through the whole thing, but the second time I enjoyed it so much even though I’m in Aspen right now, and the only device I could watch it on is my little iPad. It is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for working on it so much! My sister and my mom are arriving in NY tomorrow, and I’ll be home in NY tomorrow night as well, and we will watch it together with everyone. Since I saw your first video I am abscessed with every single one of them, couldn’t wait for you to be done with the next, and the next. So after this one I am still going to watch all of your movies! keep up the good work, and thank you for everything you did for us!!“


indian international wedding film and cinematography

Indian wedding film in Dubai

“We absolutely LOVE the video!!!! watching it over and over again!!!I am glad that I did not send you the bollywood songs in time.. haha.. you have done an AMAZING job with the sound and scene selections. I don’t need to say anything more… but.. THANK YOU & your entire team!!!”

Watch the video > > >

“Also our family liked the video very much; everything about it is amazinggg…”


wedding cinematography, wedding film Austria

Wedding film at Schloss Götweig, Upper-Austria

“WOOOW!! You don’t know how much we were jumping this morning when we read your email and your lovely lines. We are really sorry that you had so many sleepless nights and http work… But of course we are suuuuper suuuper happy about our video!”

Watch the video > > >

“I guess you are not too much interested in the cinematic movie…” Are you kidding me!? It is kind of a master piecework! All the tiny random emotions you captured – wow! We really liked the fast, rocking intro at the beginning.. The smiles, the switches..
Thank you thank you very much for your work, you really have a very special major part in our wedding!”


wedding cinematography Austria, Mödling

Wedding film at Kursalon, in Mödling | Wedding in Austria

BEFORE:  “Fact is, the we dont like your work, we LOVE your work. So please feel free to edit without our involvement.”

IN BETWEEN: “Now we’re nervous.Ticktackticktack.”

Watch the video > > >

AFTER: “WE LOVE IT! Thank you for this great film from our wedding! It is really perfect! The pictures, the music, the details! We LOVE your work!!! It is really incredible to see this important day again and again and again! THANK YOU! I am so glad, I met you last year! Perfect!!!



Wedding cinematography in Palais Schönburg, wedding film in Austria

Wedding film in Palais Schönburg

“I really loved the video! it was really awesomely done. (and you managed to get in the Halloween song in a wedding video. that’s genius!) thank you much. it’s great for me because I was so overwhelmed I almost felt like I wasn’t there, but the video really brought it all back. thank you for making something so special for us. Best, Barney”

Watch the video > > >

“So our parents LOVED it – all of them!! They have praising words in German and Spanish, but rather unspecific;) We specifically love the choice of music. When I watched it the first time I thought it’s really dramatic (especially with the music lol). However, it needs to be watched several times because soooo much is in it and you want to get it all… it’s very well done and it’s a wonderful memory for everybody! And: nobody gave any negative feedback so far – really nobody, so don’t worry. We are totally looking forward to the long video and would recommend you to anyone who is getting married! Very best regards from NYC “


Wedding cinematography Budapest

Persian wedding film in Budapest

”I pretty much cry and smile every time, its so beautifully romantic, fun and soft at the same time.”

Watch the video > > >