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Wedding cinematography, photography, video, photobox

MyWayFilm Studios provide all the digital services for your wedding and slightly more. 10 years experience of nearly 300 weddings, having traveled all over the Globe guarantee you the stress-free environment. The best mood to capture natural flows and honest emotions.

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  • wedding filming,
  • wedding videos,
  • wedding photography,
  • all inclusive selfiebox, photobox

Performing wedding cinematography is not just technical matter and not just a job. If the wedding cinematographer is not able to provide balanced atmosphere with his manner, transparency, reactions and attentiveness, he will become only a simple cameraman. Not just the outcome that matters. The event itself does as well equally.

Trend & Tradition

Performing Hi-tech & Honoring values

From the very beginning contacting to MyWayFilm Wedding Cinematography Studios,  You have to feel the friendly and patient, enduring care that lasts till the last mail. Positive vibe is basic part of our offer. Let's make a call. 

Wedding cinematography is delivered whereever you are.




UAE (Dubai),


United Kingdom,


New York,


Puerto Rico,


Sri Lanka

Just examples where MyWayFilm Studios traveled to and performed wedding cinematography so far. The 'know-how' at  destination weddings is key for smooth performance. Just name your (destination) location, the rest is settled.