“All we are offering you is the truth. You have to see it for yourself.”

Wedding cinematography is not about having a good cinematic camera anymore. It’s about the person who holds the camera and communicate with You. 

When you look for your future wedding cinematographer, wedding film-er or wedding videographer, having seen the good works, the first question pops into your mind that, -who is behind the camera-. How the team performs on stage, whether they fit to the event, whether you like their presence, style and overall support and effect on you. Probably the best would be to travel back in time and take place personally on some of their weddings…While we cannot serve with a ‘Delorean’, still have good news. 10 years anniversary super-werk.

We have been creating memories for ten years now. Never showed any behind the scenes before, this is our 10th anniversary gift to show a bit of our adventures throughout the Planet. Thank you for all those friendly and supportive people who was around us and shaped our mind to become always better and developed further.

This is the first dedicated video ever made about Balint Szigeti who is the founder and lead wedding cinematographer (wedding videographer) of MyWayFilm Wedding Cinematography Studios. Most of the shots are random and definitely not planned or staged, so sometimes the quality falls out from our quality standards, but surely shows you how joyful, natural and happy those days are, and hopefully his passionate dedication to  his profession.   Please dive into the journey and let us know your impressions, thoughts and hopefully your own ideas and desires too.