Vienna wedding films

Caro&Martin-Life’s good-unique wedding in Vienna

No priests, no officials, just Family and friends. But bounds are even stronger.. Special, characteristic wedding.

1pack-Julia&David wedding shortcut from Palais Schonbrunn, Austria

Julia is originally from India and David from Austria so their wedding was a gently mixture of modern elements and deep traditional moments. So their wedding film shot in Palais Schönbrunn Orangerie.

Oana&Flavius – Orange shoes creative wedding film

Legendary Couple in the iconic orange shoes. We had an adventorous extra day to capture their lovestory. Personal confession over video, ride as Elvis, jumping into the lake are just tiny parts of the overal wedding story.

Stefanie&Benedict-Wedding cinematography from Palais Laxenburg,Austria

Lovely young Couple celebrates their wedding Schloss Laxenburg. One of the highlights was the Marryoke video that they created prior to the wedding with the wedding guests.

Verena&Barney - Argentin tango from Palais Schönburg, Austria

Select your own extra-ordinary musics for your wedding film which will lead the editor’s hand, so you can make sure that the wedding will be exactly as you are. Verena and Barney picked not typical wedding songs, but this is not the only thing that made their wedding film special. The argentin tango as their wedding dance was spectacular! Wedding film was shot in Palais Schönburg.

Ivona&Raffael – cinematic love from Vienna

One of the most emotional wedding films of the year in Vienna, Austria.

1 min INSTA teaser – Tanja&Dennis

Civil and religious wedding in Vienna with Tanja and Dennis, short teaser video.

Cinematic wedding film from Schloss Hetzendorf | Vienna – Riem&Joel

Elegant and sophisticated wedding in Vienna. The editing was done mostly in chronologic order and since there was so many great moments we couldn’t stop using them and ended up a nearly 10 minutes long wedding cinematography shortfilm. 

MY LOVE - Isabella&Gerald -cinematic wedding story

Please contact us for more film examples that cannot be shared here.

MY LOVE - Funda&Bulut - cinematic wedding highlights

Please contact us for more film examples that cannot be shared here.