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Wedding films, cinematography

Delivering cinematic mood in the wedding film without being visible on the events is the best frquent  compliment we get.  Trend&Tradition is our motto. 

We provide wedding film, wedding photos and photobox, all from one company. But what if there are third party service providers? Teamwork is crucial, we have some stories.

Client Feedbacks


” – I pretty much cry and smile every time, its so beautifully romantic, fun and soft at the same time. -”  

Equipment & Pricing

Drones, crane, slider, glidecam, gimbal

All cinematic equipment is at our disposal, but it cannot disturb the event. We use them with meaning. We have different price-plans as we proudly state that all our wedding film are different. Are you extrovert or introvert?Do you like classic music or trance? Do you need instructions and storng support on the wedding day or you prefer us stay in the background invisible? We have style and approach for all scenarios.

Why us?

Uptodate Filming Equipment

Continuously upgrading our filming equipment in order to ensure quality and safety for our wedding cinematography and wedding film service, and for the Couple's stress-free wedding day.

We started wedding cinematography among the first companies in Europe who dealed with wedding videography, wedding film and introduced, rapidly growing and spreading technics into the wedding field such as super-slow motion (high speed) camera, camera moving systems (glide-cam, crane) and drones. These technics were rarely used in the field of wedding videos at that time. We were able to use drones at a time when most people had no idea what was it and could film great locations that are nearly impossible nowadays due to restrictions.

10 Years of Experience

Started in 2011, having more than 200 weddings, several overseas epxerience. There is no impossible mission in our philosophy. If there is something we have not done yet, challenges just boost our creativity and enthusiasm even more. No matter what type of wedding film or wedding video is your preference, you can find it in our portfolio. We had very silent introvert couples requesting us transparent and invisible during performing wedding cinematography. We had classical musicians couple singing opera during the dinner. Fairytale couple arriving with helicopter to the wedding reception and walking on red-carpet to the hall of Schloss Laxenburg.

Have a creative hobby? Let us know we might implement it into your wedding film, shooting it on a separate day. We shot with helicopter, Harley-Davidson on street of Vienna, swam with camera behind the groom in Indian-Ocean, filmed a wedding ceremony under water (trash the dress). International destination weddings with couples from Sri_lanka, Philippines, India, Dubai, NYC, or UK. Most of our couples live in Austria and Germany.

However there is always one main rule. It is still a wedding and not a movie production. We respect the traditions and values and only then it comes to focusing on wedding film preferences.

Friendly support

Every assignment is like our own personal event. Our Clients are kind of friends of us for the time of the cooperation (at least). Our very first Couple (10 years ago) turned into beautiful family, and we are still in contact, shooting family portraits for them till today. Actually we celebrate our (10th) anniversary at the same time. Check our facebook for their anniversary mix video, including wedding video short-cut and more family portrait shorts over the years.

Everything starts with a nice chat. Let's have a cup of tea together.






Have no time and want to decide quickly if you like a film/style? More and more '1Pack' editions (full-length wedding films packed in 1 minute) will be posted (follow us on Instagram to receive notifications), saving time on getting the taste of our colorful style.

If you like the short 1pack versions, please check each long version too and let us know what you think. Feel free to...