Balint Szigeti is the lead wedding cinematographer of MyWayFilm Studios

Balint Szigeti is the founder of MyWayFilm Studios and the lead wedding cinematographer and wedding editor in the team. He guarantees the constant quality in the outcomes of all wedding products. The best thing that you don't need to talk to an employed representative of the Studio, although MyWayFilm Wedding Cinematography Studios embraces 3 important wedding services such as photography and photobox, selfiebox, you will contact Balint directly who will be your guide as a friend through the wedding organization, will be a support in stressful/doubtful moments, and keep your smile as honest and natural as it is in your happiest day.

Our services

photobox. selfibox, selfiemachine service all inclusive

Photobox | Selfiebox

All inclusive photobox service

Our must have complimentary wedding service is the exclusive photobox, selfiebox, photobooth. Our cinematography team are present while the photobox operates and provide support in case of technical needs, also in usage for the guests. More information of our SelfieMachine can be found here.

photobox. selfibox, selfiemachine service all inclusive

Wedding cinematography

more than 10 years experience

MyWayFilm Wedding Cinematography Studio presents  wedding movies and films for more than ten years on international fields. Based in Europe with know-how to provide smooth service on far overseas destination weddings too from NYC to Bali. Check our works here. Or visit our vimeo page for more full length movies. Or check our Instagram page for 1Pack cuts (MyWayFilm wedding films cut-down to 1 minute)

photobox. selfibox, selfiemachine service all inclusive

Wedding photography

perfect combo with wedding films

MyWayFilm Studios brings you stylish but natural-looking wedding photos too. The best stress-free environment on the wedding day: the wedding photos and wedding films are provided from one responsible team. However working with third-party professionals either in wedding films or photo services can be also great fun. Check some of our photo portfolio here:

Our offices

Münich, Vienna, Budapest